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Sunday Debrief {Friendship}

Our primary obstacle to true intimate relationship is the idolatry of self

Last night, JR looked at what the gospel has to say about friendship through the life of David and gave us some tough concepts to think about in regards to the type of friends we are.

For some of us (me), it was like a punch in the stomach.

But the good kind. The kind that wakes you up out of a self-centered coma.

What about you all? What did you think of the message? How many of you went home and wrote letters confessing of your Saul-like tendencies? How many of you are prayerfully considering and planning writing those letters this week?

We want to hear about it. From success stories, to struggles, to further discussion on the topic.

Please share with us using the comment section below. It would mean a lot to us to hear how this message is taking action in your life.